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Ham Radio

FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses - U.S.  
Amateur Radio License Map USA
KB7TBT Space Weather and Ham Radio Propogation Page  
Ham Radio Beacons  
DX Heat  
Space Weather Conditions  
International Beacon Transmissions  
Azimuthal Map Thanks to NS6T
AMSAT Online Satellite Pass Prediction  
APRS Database
WA7BNM Contest Calendar 8 day schedule
Google Maps APRS  
HAAT Calculator FCC height above average terrain
Radio Mobile RF propagation simulation software
VHF-UHF Line of Sight Calculator  
IRLP-Internet Radio Linking Project  
10-10 International  
The DX-Zone  
Michigan Area Repeater Council  
Grid Square Mapper Grid and station locator
Grid Square Conversion  
Grid Square Locator Map  
QTH Locator Distance and azimuth calculations
Near-Real-Time MUF Map  
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast-VHF, UHF  
VHF Propogation Map  
Space Weather Warnings Currently In Effect NOAA space weather prediction center.
Amateur Radio Repeater Database  
Repeater Book Listing of NA repeaters.
Amateur Radio Repeater Maps  
73 Amateur Radio Magazine Digitized
Radio Shack Radio Shack is back.
Radio Shack Catalog-Archive  
EchoLink Link Status  
EchoLink Online History Links and repeaters.
IRLP Node Information  
KARC - Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club  
Black River Amateur Radio Club Bangor, MI
AC6V's Radio & DX Reference Guide  
Dipole Antenna Wiki  
Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna Calculator  
ARRL: Amateur Radio Exam Question Pools  
ARRL's Home Page  
World Wide Ham Callsign Server  
ARRL Contests  
The Wireman-Wire Products  
Electronics Basics Tutorials and lists of vendors.
Resistor Calculator  
EE Power Technical content about new and emerging technologies in electronics.
Amateur Radio Vendors  
Quick Silver Radio Ham radio products.
Best 2-Way Radios Buying guide and review. Reviews Reviews of products and services related to Amateur Radio.
Baofeng UV-5R Info  
Marine Corps Antenna Handbook  
CHIRP Amateur radio open source programming tool
Ham Nation on Twit.TV  
ENIGMA 2000 The European numbers information gathering & monitoring association.
PRIYOM.ORG Various stations heard throughout the world on various SDR's.
World-wide Shortwave Radio-SDR  
SDR Receivers-Live Feeds Many bands and locations world-wide.
SDR Receivers-Live Feeds Many bands, several locations.

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